How Video Games Are Embracing Fashion


There was a time when video gaming was considered more of a fad than anything else. Much to everyone’s surprise, the gaming industry continued to grow until it could no longer be ignored. These days, mobile gaming, one of the genres of the gaming industry, is making so much money that just about every business sector is trying to get a piece of the gaming pie.

That said, gaming didn’t get to where it is today by playing it safe and living in a bubble. Instead, video gaming grew massively due to its ability to integrate with other things that make life fun. Sports games are a good example, which is a small part of the competitive gaming genre. There are also gaming platforms such as NetBet that have led the way in online entertainment and igaming.

Of the various topics gaming has embraced, fashion is one that elicits the most surprise. However, you’ll find that fashion and gaming already had much in common, even during the early days.

A tale of master swords and adventure

You’ll be hard-pressed to find anyone who hasn’t heard of the Nintendo Entertainment System (Famicom in Japan), as it’s the legendary system that started console gaming’s meteoric rise to stardom. One of the most celebrated games on the console is the Legend of Zelda. While you might not necessarily appreciate what the characters are wearing when you play the original game, the instruction manual and various art pieces attributed to the Legend of Zelda play an entirely different picture.

You’ll find that many of the outfits are well ahead of their time; fashion-forward in a sense. The latest incarnations of Zelda showcase a slew of outfits that feel like they came from fashion designers. The same thing goes for Final Fantasy, a hugely popular role-playing game that has long featured characters wearing outfits you’re more likely to see in your favourite fashion magazine.

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How fashion has come to embrace gaming

When it comes to video games and fashion, the more surprising part of the story is how fashion has learned to embrace gaming instead of the other way around. There are now fashion games available such as Drest, where you can stretch your creative muscles and come up with fantastic outfits without having to pay a single thing. Many sectors use gaming to help reach out to a broader audience, and fashion is no different.

Gaming is a platform for everyone

One of the best parts about the gaming industry is how it can attract just about everyone. Gaming is simply a way to add interactive elements that have the potential to turn the mundane into something much more. So, as business sectors learn to harness gaming, it won’t just be the fashion industry learning to embrace video games. There’s a game out there for everyone, and those with an open enough mind to give games a try will likely be pleasantly surprised.

The mixture of fashion and gaming is a match made in heaven, as people learn to get in touch with their creative side thanks to various fashion games. Even games that aren’t about fashion will still feature incredibly intricate pieces, showcasing how universal fashion is in gaming.


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